Mar 03 2011

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A beacon of light:Wesley-McCabe United Methodist Church is bridging gaps, building a diverse church and transforming lives through the power of God and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Wesley-McCabe United Methodist Church had its humble beginnings as a merged church in the former Wesley Methodist Church building at 1115 South Mobberly Avenue, in 1999.
The merged how to without a churches combined had historical roots in the Longview community spanning over one hundred and fifty years. Wesley Methodist had its inception as a mission in 1935 under the leadership of Rev. C.E. Clark, Associate Pastor of the First Methodist Church Downtown Longview. In 1937, the small mission grew into a church with several committed members and became a beacon of light as Wesley Methodist Church (1935-1999).
Similarly, McCabe Chapel Methodist Church as able to see the vision take root from its beginning in a home to a church building where many souls came to know the joy of the Lord. Rev. Taylor Moore in the home of Mr. John Patillo organized the church in 1896. Through numerous struggles and victories in faithful perseverance, McCabe Methodist Church served as a beacon of life in the Longview community from 1896-1999.
On December 1, 1998, under the leadership of Reverend Byron
Boyett-Wesley Methodist and Reverend Mary High-McCabe Methodist, a group of ten members from each church met to discuss the uniting of the two churches. The uniting of two churches as one under the title Wesley-McCabe United Methodist Church occurred at the first worship service on Sunday, February 7, 1999.
The journey for the new body of Christ has been both challenging and rewarding. The exodus of some of the members from both previous churches to other local churches was disheartening. Nevertheless, the ones who remained were determined to trust God by faith to establish new roots as a multi-cultural congregation. Reverends Carl Lundberg (1999-2005) and Christi Conway (2005-2008) served as pastors of the merged church in its quest to love God and neighbor. The celebration of twelve-years in ministry is a testimony to the “warm heart” and strength of the people who represent the legacy of the past and present building a diverse church for future generations of worshipers.
Reverend Virginia Wall (2008-present) in leading the congregation on its continuing journey thanked the anniversary committee. She also declared that the congregation would continue pursuing its vision, “bridging gaps, building a diverse church and transforming lives through the power of God and guidance of the Holy Spirit.”
The Reverend Dr. Donald Waddleton, director of the Center for Congregational Excellence, Texas Annual Conference brought the celebratory message. He congratulated the congregation for the twelve-year milestone and its determination to continue serving the community. He preached on how “Roots are Important,” reminding his listeners of how their Methodist roots include the kind of vibrant worship that has dubbed them “holy rollers,” but most important are their roots in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
The afternoon was full of celebration, friends, and special music from Sunrise Ministries with Phil and Debi Jones, and good food.

This is the correction of the story published two weeks ago. We apologize for any historical errors.

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