Jun 27 2014

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A day of action: United Way combats Texas heat

The Lone Star State is indeed a very cool state, but this word is used in more than one way. Blistering temperatures have always been a way of life in the Great State, and triple-digit summer temperatures must not be taken lightly. The spectre of heat-related illness makes cooling systems and fans matters of literal life and death.

This is why AEP/SWEPCO has contributed 100 fans to the Greater Longview United Way (GLUW) for distribution to local households who need them.

Volunteer teams fanned out across the city to deliver the vitally important appliances.

GLUW Executive Director Aliceson Howell was delighted that her chapter is participating in this vital activity. It is a testament to the organization’s slogan of “Living United.” She personally thanked all those local organizations who participated.

The distribution teams came from the Junior League of Longview, Longview Christian Fellowship Church, Texas Bank and Trust, EASTMAN, West Lake Chemicals, Southside Bank, and Fountainview Estates.

Marketing Director Julie Rucker of Fountainview Estates revealed she and Howell are personal friends. Rucker could not wait to volunteer to participate in this Day of Action that saw fan recipients so delighted with their new cooling utensils. Rucker and her team even invited the residents of their assisted living facility to take part in the deliveries.

Apart from supplying fans, GLUW volunteers  mow and rake yards for local residents who can no longer do this for themselves. They also paint houses and paint children’s playrooms. Howell also encourages her volunteers to watch for any unmet needs the GLUW can meet. We live United.

By Kelly Bell/ETR

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