Mar 13 2014

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Annie Palmer honored


Beverly Brookins, Tiffany Brookins, First Lady Annie Palmer, Maja Palmer, and Jade Palmer – photo by Joycelyne Fadojutimi


Women from far and near gathered Saturday afternoon for the celebration of Mt. Olive Baptist Church First Lady “Queen” Annie Palmer. Church members, fellow First Ladies, friends and spectators were in awe of the brunch given to the First Lady themed “Our Queen’s Time.” She was escorted by her granddaughters,  into a room filled with flowers, purple linen, admiration and love.

An elder of the church deemed Diamond Verdell Bridges, keynoted the occasion. She quoted powerful scriptures proclaiming the power of God, His love toward man, and the blessing bestowed upon those that wait on the Lord.  Bridges went on to say the members did not vote Reverend Palmer into the Church, but God chose him to be there. “We’re happy and blessed, for the 25 years God gave us a Pastor like Reverend Palmer.”

According to Bridges,  not just anyone is meant to be a Shepherd for the Father. The person has to be anointed, appointed, and approved by Him.

In addition, there were songs and tributes from other ladies whose lives had been touched by Queen Anne. Furthermore, First Lady Willie Lockett gave the toast and she stated that laboring as a Pastor’s wife is a job among many other duties that women perform on a day to day basis. There are good days and bad days, of course. She acclaimed First Lady Palmer  saying Palmer was always doing something good for someone else, reminding her of Lydia “seller of purple cloth,” in the New Testament.

Lydia was a God fearer, who’s  heart was opened by the Holy Spirit and became of service to the one and only Paul, Apostle to the Gentiles.

Furthermore, First Lady Palmer received so many gifts and gave some remarks. Palmer who was full of joy mused: “Twenty five years as a pastor’s wife is a long time for a woman who did not want to be a preacher’s wife, but the Lord had truly showed me favor through all of these years.” She continued, “Sometimes you don’t feel like you deserve certain things, but you do, because of who the head of your life is – Christ,” the First Lady proclaimed. She was very overfilled with praise, over the first brunch, she has ever received from a congregation. First Lady Queen Anne was overwhelmed with joy, and gratitude, she was teary-eyed throughout the event.

As the brunch came to a close, the women embraced each other with laughter, hugs and love for the beautiful occasion organized by Mt. Olive Baptist Church women. They looked forward to celebrating both Pastor and Wife twenty-five years of service to Mt. Olive Baptist Church this coming Sunday, the 16th of March.

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