Apr 07 2011

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Archbishop earns acclaim

The Heritage Registry of Who’s Who is a biographical listing of the most significant Americans in specific categories. Most recently Archbishop John L. Lawson made the list.  The churchman won the honor after receiving satellite-broadcast coverage of his stellar career.  The next step was the publication of his biographical sketch. Now the whole world has access to accounts of his many positive accomplishments.
Recently, the International Biographical Center (IBC) in Cambridge, England collaborated with the American Biographical Institute (IBI) to present Lawson with a Certificate of Ambassadorship so he could attend the World Forum as an Ambassador of the United States.  The forum was held on the Cambridge University campus in St. John’s College, giving him the opportunity to rub elbows with over forty senior luminaries in such fields as religion, medicine, science, the arts and education, and each with at least twenty-five years experience in his specific discipline.
Lawson addressed the learned assembly on the topic of religion, enlightening even this learned assembly on spiritual truths of the Kingdom of God, the meaning of the “bishoprick” and the role and meaning of the office of archbishop.  After having published so many books and articles on the topic none was better qualified to give such a lecture.
The event was an intellectual feast for those in attendance, who shared their knowledge on culture, faith and history.  Lawson came home with yet more awards and honors.  He has already been invited to the next forum, to be held in San Francisco. Archbishop will be celebrating forty years in ministry from May I through the 7th and everyone is invited.  Many people thank God for the life of the Archbishop including Yshekia Talley who is congratulating him for forty years in ministry.

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