May 22 2014

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Booting out cancer

The Longview Cattle Baron’s Ball has kicked off its annual fundraiser. This year’s Ball is set for September 13, at the Spur of the Moment Ranch.

Committee Chairman Jennifer Teague has a personal reason for chairing this year’s event.

Her mother, Delma Moreno is a cancer survivor. In addition, American Cancer Society has restructured the event giving it the fresh look that it deserves. To this end, Cattle Baron’s Ball will be a popular event again, helping those in need of their services. Ms. Teague has an able co-chair, Michael Jordan. The duo makes a formidable team.

“It is all about cancer,” said Teague. “It is all about having more years for the survivors.” According to Teague, the race was successful with well over one hundred people in attendance. Most important of all, she is grateful and thankful for the Fun Run sponsors.

According to Donna Block, one of the committee members, Longview will see three big name Nashville recording artists. “We want to surprise the community therefore, we are not revealing the artists,” Blalock said. “But we are convinced and know the community will be proud of these renowned artists.”

The Committee members are inviting everyone to this once a year Ball. It is pertinent to note, funds rose at the Ball stays in the community and benefits our local citizens.

“We promise you, it is going to be very exciting,” Chairman Teague stated. “We invite everyone to come, see and be part of the solution to booting out cancer.”

For more information, please reach out to Jennifer Teague at 903.738.5226

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