May 18 2011

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Career day

Southward Elementary School recently held a Career Day.  Many skilled people from the community attended to show students the wide assortment of vocations they can choose from after completing their education.
The varied field included law enforcement as Precinct 4 Commissioner John Mathis described his career with the sheriff’s department.  He was particularly popular with his young listeners, who were fascinated at how he had spent 32 years putting people in jail.  As a commissioner he now deals with budgeting his district’s financial reserves.  Teachers and parents can also teach  children a great deal about this vital subject.  He even had something to tell his audience about how wardrobe can affect one’s career.  He pointed out that it is not cool for them to “sag” their pants.
“If your pants or shorts are hanging down it tells me that you do not care about yourself, and you do not respect yourself,” he said.  “How, then, do you expect others to respect you?”
He also advised his listeners to respect their parents and teachers by obeying them, and that hard work is a promising road to success.
“You have the opportunity and you can succeed if you try,” he said.
He was careful to include that it is okay for some to have to try harder than others, and that everyone must give his best shot at life.  He said a bad attitude will always hurt them in class and in life, and that trying to help others in the classroom will improve everybody’s quality of life.
The students were silent and attentive during his lecture, and his words seemed to make an impression that will lead them to a hard work ethic and success in their later endeavors.

Ms. Pegues’ 5th grade class takes a photo with Police Officer Harrod on Career Day

Christian Juarez poses with guest speakers Sheriff Deputy B.A. Banks and Gregg County Commissioner John Mathis

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