May 04 2011

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Circles selected for publicity

The ongoing and uplifting story of Longview families pulling themselves up from poverty is to be broadcast in a nationally distributed video as part of the Faces of Circles Tour.
Longview is one of seven communities participating in Partners in Prevention’s Circles of East Texas project, and will be publicized in a live video chronicling faces, stories and settings of those oppressed by poverty throughout the Midwestern, Eastern and Southeastern United States.  This tour is being recorded by four Americorps VISTA members traversing eight states specifically to bring to light the biographies of people participating in the National Circles Campaign.
This initiative’s objective is to combat poverty by overcoming social, economic and racial barriers.  The program’s preferred means of doing this is the establishing of relationships.  Americorps VISTA members will reach Longview on 13 May, tour the city, interview Circles of East Texas members and visit with the local Circles group.  Partners in Prevention Manager Holly Fuller explained the program’s overall aims and methods.
“We’ve been doing Circles of East Texas since May 2008, and during that time we have seen 20 families transform their lives.  The program works with a small number of people at a time so that relationships can be built between the families and the program volunteers,” she said.  “We are looking forward to this national tour because it will showcase the work that the families have done to achieve self-sufficiency in Longview and around the country.”
The 3000-plus-mile tour will also visit Wilkesboro, North Carolina; Albany, Georgia; Pensacola, Florida; Baldwin, Louisiana; Bloomington, Indiana; and Springfield, Ohio.  Graphic material shot during the trip will chronicle the many individual accounts of poverty-stricken Americans, better enabling community members, Circles staff and financial contributors comprehend the magnitude of poverty’s impact on this country, giving clearer ideas of how to overcome this ill of society.  Visual depictions captured during the tour will be presented via social media outlets.
For more information on Partners in Prevention call (903) 237-1019.  To learn more about Circles and the tour visit the following websites: PIP.LongviewTexas.gov, www.MoveTheMountain.org, www.FacesOfCircles.org and www.FacesofCircles.blogspot.com.

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