May 12 2011

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Election Day looms: Candidates make final pre-election appeals

City Council District 3 candidate Kasha Williams and her supporters took their electioneering efforts into Mother’s Day weekend’s beautiful weather as they passed out free hot dogs in a last-minute “We Want Your Vote” event.  Judge Arthur Fort (a former District 3 resident) dropped by to wish Williams the best in her final campaigning.  The outing also gave parents the opportunity to educate their children on the importance of community service, political representation and how candidates for elected office go about achieving their goals.
Hudson Prep 1st grader Xavier Hopson was there to assist in Williams’ voter solicitation.  An aspiring doctor, 6th grader Karla Ford, was also there pounding on Williams’ platform.
“I want Kasha to win,” she said.  “She is the head of the Top Teens, and does many things in the community.”
The most proactive of the elementary school contingent was 1st grader Randi Floyd as she waved a sign informing passing motorists they were invited to a complimentary hot dog and a reminder to vote May 14.
“I feel good,” Williams said.  “I feel confident, and I am asking everyone to get out and vote.”
Known for her love of children, she also had something to say about her youthful campaign workers.
“We are setting a precedent for them to follow,” she said.  “They wanted to be part of the American process of community activism.”
Candidate Victoria Wilson felt uplifted and inspired upon learning that this election has given the residents of District 3 the opportunity to learn so much more about how to make their neighborhoods better places to live.
“I wish everyone well, and [regardless of] whoever wins I hope we will all work together to make District 3 a better place,” she said.  “I look forward to all of us working together to implement the necessary changes and opportunities for District 3.”
“I feel like I have already won because of what I have accomplished,” said Wilson.
Candidate Wray Wade was full of acknowledgments. “I am committed to serving the people of District 3 and all of Longview,” he said.  According to Wade, this election has demonstrated that the people of District 3 are calling for new leadership and he has demonstrated that he is the man to represent them. He is grateful to all of his supporters: those who have worked on his campaign in one form or the other including the ones on social media. “I am very grateful to everyone, to those who donated their time or funds,” Wade said. “I also appreciate all the great people that I have been able to re-connect with in this process.”

First day on the job, ETR intern Kayce Bagley, attends political rally, meets Judge Arthur Fort and Candidate Kasha Williams

Randi Floyd roots for Kasha Williams

Randi Floyd, Hudson pep 1st grade, and Mother Tameka, campaign for Kasha Williams

Team Kasha on the Prowl, Xavier Hopson and Karla Ford, get first hand experience in civic duty of campaigning for a candidate

Campaigning for Kasha, Andrea Mayo, assistant superintendent LISD and a supporter

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