Jul 10 2014

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Freedom from negative behavior

Longview’s annual Independence Day celebration was as great as the event’s true meaning. Beautiful weather combined with traditional American festivities to make this year’s 4th of July a towering success. It was also a perfect backdrop for local youth organizations who were on hand to further their vital objectives.

J-Star Ministries representatives Nayeli Mendez and Jasmene Guzman were set up, selling crosses to finance a trip for the city’s young people. The two young ladies ardently support their movement, which they believe has done much to improve their attitudes, behavior and lives. Nayeli pointed out how J-Star taught her that nothing good can come from disrespecting others.

J-Star Ministries seeks to guide today’s youth onto the straight and narrow by providing the motivation, inspiration and education they need to mature into responsible, productive citizens who will be tomorrow’s best possible leaders. The ministry consists of two programs: About Face, and Boys 2 Men.

The About Face initiative seeks to turn at risk youth away from their self-destructive tendencies so that they can mature into accomplished and principled adults who contribute positively to their families, communities and society in general.

The About Face program’s presentation topics include:

* Life’s ABC’s (Attitude, Behavior and Choices.)

*G.I.R.L. (Girls Impersonating Responsible Ladies.)

* Boys 2 Men (It’s time to grow up.)

* Bullying

* Dating violence

* Not my baby (Just for Parents)

Boys 2 Men, meanwhile, is a mentoring program for boys aged 6-17 who are growing up without fathers. This program consists of mentoring, character education and volunteering for such homeless facilities as:

* Newgate Mission/Highway 80 Rescue Mission

* House of Hope

* Longview Dream Center

* Truman S. Smith

* Joy Ministries

* PS3/Beautiful, Inc.

* Wellness Pointe

The program educates through school visits, field trips, guest speakers, group discussions and one-on-one talks. There is no time limit on how long young people can take part in the Boys 2 Men program. This helps towards the goal of creating lasting relationships and encouraging high school graduates who have participated in the program to return to it as mentors themselves.

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