Jul 19 2011

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GO TEXAN or Go Thirsty

By Todd Staples, Texas Agriculture Commissioner

You have an opportunity to make your voice heard on what appears on your favorite restaurant’s wine menu. The Texas Department of Agriculture recently launched a new program called GO TEXAN or Go Thirsty.
The initiative is designed to allow you to promote Texas wines, and convince more Texas restaurants and retailers to serve vintages from the Lone Star State.
Texas is the fifth largest wine-producing state in the nation, behind California, New York, Washington and Oregon. Through GO TEXAN or Go Thirsty, we want to make restaurants and their patrons aware of the quality wines made right here in the Lone Star State. The program provides GO TEXAN or Go
Thirsty dining cards for consumers to share with restaurants as a thank-you for offering Texas wines, or as a way to request those wines be added to their wine lists.
With more Texans and restaurants going local, the Texas wine industry continues to create jobs, attract tourists and positively impact the state’s economy. According to a new study by MKF Research, the number of wine-related tourists to Texas increased by 42 percent from 2007 to 2009. The industry now accounts for 10,756 full-time jobs — an increase of nearly 20 percent since 2007 — and has an annual payroll of $379 million.
For more information about the GO TEXAN or Go Thirsty campaign, or to download a GO TEXAN or Go Thirsty card go to www.gotexanwine.org.

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