Feb 20 2014

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GSMC hosts Heart Fair

Good Shepherd Medical Center (GSMC) recently held its yearly Fair of the Heart celebration to further cardiovascular health throughout East Texas. Those in attendance took advantage of the opportunity to learn how to achieve heart health as well as undergo medical testing for preventive healthcare. Dr. Scott Hunter, MD. is a family medicine doctor affiliated with GSMC Medical Associates. He explained the true meaning of the event.

“This is more of a preventative healthcare,” he said. “You do not know if anything is wrong until you probably come to these free testings and discover that maybe you have diabetes or high blood pressure.” The heart fair features cholesterol and diabetes testing along with scales so visitors can check their weight. “This is an opportunity for them to find out if they have any health problems,” said Hunter.

“The cornerstone of good health is prevention care.” For Hunter family medicine is a terribly important matter. “I am always excited to see people getting checked out like this. Sometimes we may not acknowledge that the weight is more than it should be,” he said. “And I know that it may be inevitable and you have to see a cardiologist, but if you end up not seeing one and be in good health, then I have done my job.” Maroney and Dana Williams are in their sixties, and very glad they attended.

“We came for the screenings,” said Dana. “I already come to water aerobics with my mother at the Institute, and we wanted to see what’s new in fitness.” Others felt the same way. “It is a good deal, and I am totally surprised at the number of young people- -less than 40 years old–that are here,” said Kilgore resident Ed Rast. Younger East Texans know well that the event is a great chance to establish a healthy lifestyle for their senior years. They took full advantage of the opportunity to learn. A youthful couple from White Oak, Mark and Megan Sorgee were there. At the health fair two years ago, Mark found out about his high cholesterol. Now that he is married, his wife knows to prepare healthy meals. Megan loves the chance to grab free preventive healthcare knowledge. Valentino Valentine stays active, playing vollyball at Kilgore College, but he takes nothing for granted. His mother Berleeta Roberson works at GSMC as a registered labor delivery nurse, and attended the Fair to weigh those in attendance.

She is a good influence on her son. “Though I play volleyball, I am stressed out often, and hypertension runs in my family, so I came check” he said. Visitors to the fair came away with numerous brochures and pamphlets to guide them to any medical treatment options they may need now or later.

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