May 04 2014

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How Do You Pray for God’s Blessing?

We would get our family together, hold hands, sing and pray,” says Jonas, 6.

When God is at the center of home life, families are truly blessed. Children respond when they see their parents humble themselves before God.

“I would ask God to give me wisdom and love for one another. I would also ask God to take care of Nana, Granny Jones and Boots, my dog,” says Joseph, 7.

God once gave a blank check to a man named Solomon. He could ask for anything. Because he asked for wisdom, God threw in wealth, power and fame. To this day, King Solomon is known for his wisdom. The wise sayings in the book of Proverbs stand as a testimony to Solomon’s request.

“Most of all, I would really want for God to bless me with the love of Jesus Christ in my heart because it would be the best of all blessings,” says Daniel, 9.

Wisdom is a great blessing, but the greatest Christian virtue is love. “Without love,” the Apostle Paul wrote, “I am nothing.” Receiving God’s love and being a conduit through which his love can flow is the supreme blessing. Without love, you’re running on empty.

Only love can motivate people to make sacrifices for each other. Laws can’t do it. The Bible perspective is that all people are basically selfish apart from God. Only a heart transformed by the love of Christ can give unselfishly.

“I would pray God would let me be famous,” says an anonymous friend. “I would want him to give me a big mansion, and he could give me money. I could keep it for myself and give some to the poor. If I became rich and famous, the whole world would be happy to see me up on a stage singing.”

Please don’t pray this prayer! Although giving to the poor is commendable, seeking fame for the sake of fame has ruined many lives.

Hollywood is littered with broken lives of people who made fame their goal.

Living before an audience of one changes everything. All glory belongs to God. If we try to grab it for ourselves, we’ll learn that it fades quickly and leads to instability. When God honors and promotes someone, that’s a different story.

God took a shepherd boy from obscurity and made him ruler of a nation. King David wasn’t perfect, but his life was characterized by humbling himself before God and seeking his approval.

My favorite prayer for God’s blessing comes from Daniel, 9: “Dear Lord, please bless me in everything you do. Amen.”

This is what true prayer and blessing are all about. God is always at work. When we discover what God is doing, we should change our lives and get on board the blessing train. By the way, God’s work isn’t limited to Sunday morning and foreign mission fields. His life should invade every aspect of every Christian’s life.

“I would pray that God would bless me so that I can spread the word of God to everyone,” says Kelsey, 11. Yes, God works through people who want to be channels of his blessing.

A man named Jabez once prayed for God’s blessing (I Chronicles 4:9-10). In the next few weeks, we’ll examine aspects of his prayer.

Think about this: God’s blessing is far better than your own efforts to bless yourself.

Memorize this truth: “O Lord of hosts, blessed is the man who trusts in You!” (Psalm 84:12).

Ask this question: Do you sense God’s hand of blessing on your life?

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