Jan 31 2011

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Junior League bankrolls Newgate Mission

Longview Junior League President Amy Williams reports that the Newgate Mission informed her it needs help meeting its food budget and paying for bus tickets.  The mission serves local indigents, but is having a hard time meeting the demands of helping the area's poor.  When Williams visited the Newgate facility she saw how its workers were being forced to use cast-off refrigerators, stoves and freezers, and were in dire need of better facilities with which to fight hunger in our community.

“You need a new kitchen,” she told them. “You need an updated place to feed your people.”

Back in October, Newgate representatives wrote out a proposal to inform the Junior League on how to act on her recommendations.  The League had a $50,000 check ready for the mission in November.  These donated funds will enable the mission to renovate its existing kitchen, equipping it for improved service.

Williams re

ports that after months of research the League's Research and Development committee advised (and the membership quickly approved) acting to assist in improving a basic need in combating local poverty–providing food for the hungry.

The Reverend Jeanine Laurinec runs Newgate Mission, which is now serving hundreds of meals daily.  The Mission serves those who are struggling financially, but trying to get back on their feet.  Newgate strives to provide its clients with the basic, necessary tools to get them back into the workforce.  The goal is to always serve a constantly changing cast of clients, and not be a revolving door for the same individuals.

The Junior League hopes that the Mission's new kitchen will enable it to serve a greater number of impoverished persons, giving them the food and encouragement they desperately need.  Looking to the future, the Mission will continue focusing on women and children while simultaneously seeking to cooperate with other such agencies to address the issue of poverty in our community.

The League also hopes to work with Newgate Mission in other signature projects such as Kids in the Kitchen, which is a program working to bring awareness to the problem of childhood obesity.

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