Feb 24 2011

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KC and ETBU to collaborate for student advancement

Kilgore College (KC) and East Texas Baptist University (ETBU) are joining forces to assist KC students looking for a baccalaureate degree after qualifying for associates degrees.  Representatives and students of both schools looked on as KC President Dr. Bill Holda and ETBU President Dr. Dub Olivar finalized the agreement in the Woods Great Room of the Ornelas Student Center.
Holda is one of many delighted with the partnership.
“Kilgore College has enjoyed a great long-term relationship with East Texas Baptist University.  ETBU is a great institution for our region, and a number of our students select ETBU as their university in which to transfer,” he said.  “All of us can help our students by giving them more options and using application agreements to facilitate transfer.  We also look forward to this most recent step in improving the partnership between Kilgore College and East Texas Baptist University.”
Oliver expressed his gratitude to KC for readying students for the demands of ETBU.
“We find that Kilgore College students are well prepared to succeed academically, and also fully engage the learning experience offered by taking leadership posi

tions throughout our campus,” he said. “We celebrate our strong bond, and look forward to even greater collaboration in the years ahead as we seek to fulfill our respective missions.”
These schools will now share a framework that fosters programmatic and institutional articulation of KC students as they move beyond the junior college stage. These students can now concentrate on their freshman and sophomore curricula untroubled by concerns about whether their credits will transfer or apply to their majors.  ETBU Provost and Vice-President for Academic Affairs Dr. Sherilyn Embarton is particularly upbeat about the new system.
“What a privilege to build on the successful partnership between East Texas Baptist University and Kilgore College,” she said.  “This articulation agreement will allow is to expand our collaboration in providing a seamless transition for students as they more from earning the associate degree to achieving the baccalaureate degree.”
Before the signing ceremony KC representatives and students toured the Ornealas Center and enjoyed a luncheon and reception in their honor.  This gave them the chance to become acquainted with the ETBU delegation and students who already have transferred from KC to ETBU.

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