Jan 26 2011

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LHS student earns acclaim

The National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS) has granted membership to Longview high school professional online junior, Gorman Elizabeth Brown. Being selected by the society is a great honor because of its high standard of academic excellence, and Chair Claes Nobel singled out Brown for her towering academic status.
“As a participant in the National Generic Youth Leadership Forum, you have distinguished yourself as one of the country’s top student leaders. You have been nominated to join other scholars in our unique honors organization,” said Mr. Nobel. “Your hard work has placed you among a select group of students and a unique community of scholars – a community that represents our very best hope for the future.  An honor that will las

t a lifetime,” Nobel added.
The Society’s president James Lewis says its mission is to span the globe with members who will share the best of resources, content and overall opportunities for future advancement and profit. “We aim to help students like Ms. Brown build on their academic successes and enhance the skills and desires to have a positive impact on the global community,” Lewis said.
There are presently more than 450,000 NSHSS members in 130 countries sharing opportunities for scholarships to the world’s greatest institutions of higher learning. Since its formation in 2002, the Society has drawn attention to the international educational communities’ brightest young minds, encouraging them to apply their talents to making the world a better place for all of us.
Gorman parents are Kim Russell-Brown of Longview, and Kenneth G. Brown of Kilgore.
For more information on NSHSS visit www.nshss.org.

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