Apr 28 2011

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Local archbishop to celebrate 40 years in ministry

Archbishop Dr. J.L. Lawson, Jr. is first among equals at local Miracle Tabernacle Prayer and Praise Cathedral, the heart and soul of J.L. Lawson Ministries, Inc.  He serves as founder, chief apostle and overseer. He ministers to his congregation with power and compassion, influencing by his example and his knowledge and comprehension of Christian history and theology.
He was ordained a minister in 1974, and since then has never slowed his tireless evangelistic labors, serving as pastor for six churches.  He was only twenty-seven when he survived a severe heart attack. After recovering from this near-death experience he embarked on his crusade to serve Christ to the utmost of his ability during the brief time we all have in this life.
In 1984 he founded Miracle Tabernacle House of Prayer, the mission statement of which is: “The purpose of this organization is to aid, awaken and stimulate the greatest possible activity in Deliverance, Evangelism, Christian Education, and Benevolence in the community.”  The new congregation held its first service on Easter Sunday 1985.
Playing the part of the watchman on the wall described in Ezekiel 3:16-20 this dynamic churchman cries out in warning against acts that will incur the Lord’s displeasure.  He preaches avoidance of sin, or, for those who need it, how to achieve forgiveness.  He trains his parishioners to follow his example.
In a time when the ancient custom of church revivals seems to by dying, Lawson leads revivals that are not only intense in their proclaiming of the Gospel, but as long as they need to be to get the message to everyone who may not have heard it.  According to Lawson, in 2004 he led a forty-day revival. Others have lasted twenty-one and thirty days.
In 1993 Lawson received his first bishop’s consecration.  It was from the United Churches of God in Christ, which made him Jurisdictional Bishop for the State of Texas.  In 2000 the Bishop Leroy Watson of Atlanta, Georgia ordained him Second Presiding Prelate in Inter-Faith International Fellowship.  Later that year he was appointed Second Assistant Presider in the Christ International Churches Fellowship.  He holds an Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy in Christian Education from the Payne School of Bible Studies, and an Honorary Doctorate of Humanities from the P.A. Institute School of Ministry.
Miracle Tabernacle Prayer and Praise Cathedral is located at 205 East Nelson Street in Longview.

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