Jan 02 2014

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Local citizens protected:Longview Transit, R&K Distributors teamed up for Safe-Ride-Home


Ms. Shirley with Tequita Mumphrey, Director of Operations and Service Development for Longview Transit standing in front of downtown bus depot. – Photo by Joycelyne Fadojutimi

Christmas and New Year’s bash have come and gone. But, a look at those who contributed to a safe holiday season for local residents  especially the traditional New Year’s Eve festivities include Longview Transit and R&K Distributors, your local Budweiser Distributor.  Both parties insured that everyone, drinkers included had a safe ride home in order to start a great 2014.

   Longview Transit is grateful to R&K Distributors for being a great community partner in the “Safe-Ride-Home” initiative. Longview Transit for 6 consecutive years has provided rides to anyone within the Longview city limits who needed a ride after a great evening. It is only the financial contribution of R&K Distributors that makes this safe ride alternative possible.

   Longview Transit Director of Operations and Service Development Tequita Mumphrey, is very passionate about Longview Transit and the people it serves. “The “Safe-Ride-Home” initiative is a collaboration between Longview Transit, and  R&K Distributors Human Resource Manager, Corey Howell,” she said. “This is our 6th consecutive safe years and we look forward to many more.”

   Longview Transit averaged two hundred and fifty people who used the Transit as a mode of safe ride. In addition, the police and Clubs know to call Longview Transit if any one had one too many.

   According to Mumphrey, Longview Transit is very involved in the community. It has initiatives such as “Stuffing the Bus,” “Food Drives” and other means of giving back to the community. She believes that stereotyping people who use public transportation is not endearing. On the contrary, one can save money by using public transportation. She made it clear, “Using public transportation does not mean you are poor.”

   The people, who for one reason or another cannot drive; depend on Longview Transit to conduct their business. Ms. Shirley is one of them. “I take the bus because I do not drive but still have to get around,” she said.  “I am happy there is a bus service in Longview anyone can use to get around.”

   For more information about Longview Transit please call 903-753-2287 or visit http://www.longviewtransit.com/.

By Joycelyne Fadojutimi


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