Jun 29 2011

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Nationwide recognition earned… again

The Tyler Independent School District (TISD) Foundation has won its second straight annual Golden Achievement Award from the National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA.)
The foundation’s winning entry, “Education Foundations: Fulfilling the Need for Sophisticated Training” featured presentation material from the foundation’s Executive Director Larry Goddard.  A panel of nationwide judges, well-versed in public relations, evaluated Goddard’s work on the advancement of educational foundations, leveraging positive community awareness for school districts, and additional relevant topics.  NSPRA Executive Director Richard D. Bagin outlined the judges’ areas of concern.
“Award judges carefully sought outstanding achievement in the four steps of a public relations program: 1) Analysis of the need. 2) Planning to meet the need. 3) Execution and communication of the program. 4) Formal evaluation,” he said.  “Each entry was judged individually on these award criteria, and TISD Foundation met them all.”
Goddard outlined the significance of the foundation being honored in this way.
“It is rare that an education foundation receives this award. Last year we were the only one in the United States to be recognized for public relations achievement.  The other winners were from school districts across the United States. Only one school district in Texas (Corpus Christi) was honored along with us last year,” he said.  “Positive community relations clear and concise communications and a high level of professionalism and sophistication are the requirements in today’s world of school communications.  We are proud that as a public charity we can serve our donors and support our district in a positive manner.”
Goddard went further in his description of the award and its aims.
“We are fortunate to have donors with the insight to invest in the enterprise of the foundation. In order for us to grow and succeed we need donations for building the capacity of our organization.  After twenty years we are striving to boost our impact even more,” he said.  “Receiving national awards for best practices, we hope, gives our donors confidence that we are doing the best and most forthright for our students and [making the] best use of the donors’ donations.”
The foundation will receive its recognition in San Antonio at the national conference July 10 through 13.  Goddard will rehearse the Saturday and Sunday before the conference in preparation for education professionals who are working for their certification.  He is already a Certified Fund Raising Executive, and was the first person in this country certified by the National School Foundation Association.
Lindale ISD Communications and Education Foundation Director Maya Golden Thomas will co-present with Goddard on July 11 on the topic “A Successful Education Foundation: Super-Charged Confidence for Public Schools.”
The TSPRA made Goddard its 2010 Key Communicator of the Year.  He is Texas’ 2011 Rookie of the Year in school public relations.  Also, the foundation has already been nominated for multiple awards in categories ranging from feature stories to board development.
For additional information visit foundation@suddenlinkmail.com  or call (903) 266-9806.

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