Mar 20 2012

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New CEO named

Longview’s Wellness Pointe has hired a new Chief Executive Officer. Carl I. Walters II took over his new post March 12, 2012.  As a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), Wellness Pointe supplies integrated and comprehensive Family Practice, OB/GYN (delivery included,) Dental, WIC, Mental Health, Pediatric, Family Planning and various Social Services for patients in the region. During 2011 Wellness Pointe produced approximately 60,000 patients encounters and they are committed to ensuring all of their system patients received quick, personalized, prompt medically appropriate and cost-effective care.
Wellness Pointe’s service area encompasses a city radius of about 20 miles (though they pull patients from a 100 mile radius)  and is part of the nation’s Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) network, which provides core comprehensive primary care services for more than 20 million medically uninsured and/or low-income persons nationwide.
By his own admission Walters could not have come to a better location.
“I love this town. The people are very hospitable,” he said. “It has everything that a young family would want and need.”
There are other local aspects that strike his fancy.
“It is a beautiful town. First and foremost, the people are nice. It is ‘Yes, sir, Yes, ma’am,’ and people are polite, friendly and helpful.
He holds a B.S. in hospital administration from Weber State University in Ogden, Utah, a masters degree in organizational management from the University of Phoenix, Utah. He is a former naval officer (Medical Service Corps) with executive leadership experience in the U.S. Navy. He also brings U.S. Navy outpatient clinic command leadership experience.  He is the eldest son of retired U.S. Air Force fighter pilot and former Tuskegee airman Major Carl Walters. He and wife Jennifer have two children–son Carl and daughter Brigettee.
He points out that some towns feel stuffy, or the people hardly speak to each other. As a seasoned healthcare Executive he has seen and toured many, many communities, so his opinion carries weight. He has also traveled widely through his many earlier management positions.
With 26 years experience in for-profit and non-profit health systems Walters has become known at community and state levels for his skill in the areas of integrated health care delivery systems re-design. He is well respected for his expertise in strengthening health systems from a fiscal, organizational branding and market-share enhancement efforts. Of late he has served as Vice-President of Clinic and Outpatient Services, Mercy Medical Center (Williston, North Dakota,) Chief Executive Officer of Tri-City Community Health (Pasco, Washington,) Chief Executive Officer of Alexian Brothers PACE Community Services Division (St. Louis, Missouri,) Chief Operating Officer, St. Louis Connectcare, and Divisional Practice Administrator,  HCA, Utah Physician Services Division (Ogden, Utah.)
Walters explains that 1900 Federally Qualified Health Centers serve as our nation’s frontline primary care network for the nation’s uninsured and under-insured. Wellness Pointe main objective is to ensure everyone in their service area has access to quality affordable, primary care services.
He points out that even though Wellness Pointe offers care to the uninsured, it also provides care for those with insurance. He invites the whole community to take advantage of the integrated primary care services that Wellness Pointe offers.
“Our staff has a high level of clinical competency,” he said. “We are an integrated health care delivery system with medical, dental, behavioral, social services, and a host of enabling services.  Our staff are very customer service-oriented as we want to ensure every visit our valued patients have with us is a positive one.”
He also stresses that another focus of the Federally Qualified Health Centers is to reduce inappropriate and unnecessary ER visits. Federally Qualified Health Centers have also demonstrated their ability to provide core comprehensive primary care services at lower costs to the healthcare system as a whole, which is why the federal government now helps fund over 1900 of Centers like Wellness Pointe across the country.
Wellness Pointe also takes pride in employing seasoned and respected clinicians to staff their clinical team. “Our dedicated clinicians are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of our community families we are entrusted to serve as a primary care medical home for,” Walters adds.
Walters is also upbeat about the health systems strong and collaborative stakeholder partnerships, who collaborate effectively with them to ensure a coordinated and integrated care approach for their patients such as  Community Healthcore, Good Shepherd Medical Center, Buckner Services, United Way info line,  the East Texas Council on Drugs and Alcohol Abuse;  school districts and Special Health Resources for Texas Inc. Chief Operating Officer for Social Services Aliceson Pinkerton sums up this cooperative effort.
“We have good working relationships with the school systems,” she said.
Chief Operating Officer Clinical Services Justin Waite outlines how Wellness Pointe is a family-oriented, primary care health system.“We connect people to the best spets in town,” he said. “We want to remove any stigma that the care at Wellness Pointe is substandard.”
Walters is working with his Board, Executive Team and system staff to outline a strategic plan for the system to better meet the community’s healthcare needs. He also personally invites anyone who is in need of a primary care medical home to try their system. “We take most major insurances and we welcome the opportunity for community families in need of a medical home to utilize our system services,” Walters adds. “Regardless of whether you might need Pediatric, Family Practice, Dental Services, OB/GYN Services, Behavioral Health Services and/or Social Services, we would  be honored if you would entrust Wellness Pointe with your family’s healthcare needs,” Walters states.
“Oftentimes health systems like Wellness Pointe are erroneously viewed as somehow being not as good as other health systems. Nothing could be further from the truth,” Walters continued.  “Our network of healthcare professionals are just as dedicated, clinical outcomes focused, clinically competent, and culturally-sensitive as any you will find in the area,” said Walters. “We are here to serve our entire community and the entire community is encouraged to utilize our compliment of integrated healthcare services available,” he said.
One of Wellness Pointe main missions is to combat chronic health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. Wellness Pointe provides screenings for diabetes, high blood pressure, juvenile diabetes and diabetes related illnesses.
“We are committed to lowering the incidences of juvenile diabetes, adult diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease in our community,” Walters adds as “we remain committed to improving the quality of life for our valued community constituents lies, a commitment which has remained unchanged over our 20 year history.”
“We wish to thank our valued community families who have entrusted us with their care, our valued community stakeholders who continue to partner with us to ensure our community constituents receive their care in an integrated, seamless, and compassionate manner and we thank our funders who know they can count on Wellness Pointe to use such funds afforded to help improve the quality of life for our valued community families,” Walters continued.
“Our mission is a proud community service mission – one we have and never will lose sight of, “said Walters.” Wellness Pointe is not a health system for “those people” – we are a high-quality, integrated healthcare delivery system that is here to serve all people,” he said.
Walters adds, “And I am proud to stand beside our Board, 150 dedicated staff and community stakeholders who have helped build our wonderful organizational service mission. It is a service mission that has and will continue to positively touch our community’s families’ lives – one family at a time.”

Left to right: Justin Waite, Chief Operating Officer, Clinical Services; Eric Niemeyer, Chief Financial Officer; Carl Walters II, Chief Executive Officer; Dr. John Kirk, Chief Medical Officer; Hope Echols, Human Resource Director; and Aliceson Pinkerton, Chief Operating Officer, Social Services.

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