Jun 18 2012

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Reducing course requirements

The state of Texas has reduced all academic programs for education degrees to 120 hours.
LeTourneau University’s School of Education therefore will reduce the number of hours required for several education degree programs in their school. This will include 9 of LeTourneau’s teacher education and 2 of its kinesiology programs. Degrees targeted for the reductions are as follows:
*Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with an Exercise Science concentration: 131 to 126 hours *Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology for Early Childhood – 12th grade 130 to 126 hours.
*Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies degree grades 4-8 Language Arts/Social Studies and for 4-8 Math/Science concentration 131 to 128 hours.
*The Bachelor of Science in Applied Technology 132 to 126 hours.
*The Bachelor of Science in Business Admin. with Computer Info. Systems 136 to 130 hours.  *The Bachelor Science in Physical Sciences 132 to 129 hours.
*The Bachelor of Science Composite degree 133 to 127 hours.
*The Bachelor of Arts in Social Studies 134 to 128 hours.
*The Bachelor of Arts in English/Language arts 130 to 127 hours.
*The Bachelor of Arts in History with Spanish 128 to 125 hours.

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