Apr 01 2013

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Senior Hall of Fame

The Pine Tree High School Senior Hall of Fame is the annual recognition of outstanding high school seniors. The 2012-2013 school year announcement includes – 13 girls and 12 boys.

Nomination and voting by the faculty is based on one or more of the following characteristics: character, citizenship, general excellence, individuality, leadership, service, scholarship, sportsmanship. (Due to the voting ties, there are 12 boys and 13 girls in the Hall of Fame instead

of 10). Congratulations to the following seniors for being selected

to the 2013 Senior Hall of Fame:

  • Bryce Alley
  • Abby Mitchell
  • Caleb Chappell
  • Amanda Wallin
  • Jake Oden
  • Callie Nelson
  • Jason Zhang
  • Emily Shelton
  • Jordan Norrell
  • Ginah Han
  • Lane Mitchell
  • Hayley Dobbs
  • Mason Liu
  • Lindsey Sutton
  • Trever Barker
  • Madison Meek
  • Marivious Allen
  • McKaylla Baylor
  • James Phelps
  • Rachel Schulik
  • Davin Siu
  • Shelby Hart
  • Brandon Vu
  • Aubren Martin


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