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Apr 24 2012

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Student receives top rating

With nothing more than a pencil in hand, John Tyler ninth grader Marc Zapata created a piece of artwork that earned top ratings at the district, regional, and most recently the 2012 State Visual Art Scholastic Event (VASE).

Zapata’s art received the highest rating of four, on a scale of one to four, for the drawing he completed in Mrs. Summer French’s Art 1 class at John Tyler.

“He has a natural talent that is easy to tap into,” Mrs. French said. “He has the ability to take whatever project we’re doing to another level, making it his own creation.”

Mrs. French says Zapata is constantly drawing, and in his spare time he makes posters for fellow students featuring their names. Zapata plans to further develop his skills as an artist by continuing to take art classes at John Tyler.

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