Feb 09 2011

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T & H Pharmacy announces merger

T&H Pharmacy has announced its merging with Louis Morgan #1 located at 1900 S. High Street, Longview, Texas  75602.  The closing chapter of a long standing local community retail establishment will occur as the merger will take place effective February 21, 2011.  In August 1956, J.C. Tipps and  C.C. Horton opened a pharmacy at 410 South Mobberly. They named it T & H Pharmacy after the letters of their last names. In April 1962, Gene Walker purchased the pharmacy and continued to operate it under the established name. However, in April 1967, Gene Walker went back into partnership with C.C. Horton and it lasted for 17 years. Jim Schumacher became the new partner in the business as he purchased C.C. Horton’s interest in February 1984. Jim Schumacher became the sole proprietor as of May 1992 when he purchased the remaining interest from Gene Walker. Gene Walker is still working part-time and has been a pharmacist for 59 plus years.
The pharmacy moved to its present location in September, 1987. The pharmacy moved from its temporary location on the corner of Sylvan and Mobberly that they acquired after a fire destroyed the original location (410 Mobberly).
In August, 1986 when the fire gutted the pharmacy, the store only closed for 4 days before it reopened at the temporary location (424 S. Mobberly) with only 3 years of computer files salvaged from the fire. Only 20 percent of businesses that burned like T & H are able to reopen. The store has survived a gas explosion, fire, repeated break-ins and the passage of many years. It is the second-oldest pharmacy in Longview, and has built its longevity in its reputation for caring for its customers and giving back to the community.
T & H Pharmacy has won numerous awards including “Independent Pharmacy Super Star Store”, Drug topics (a national news publication for pharmacies) chose T & H and 215 other pharmacies nation-wide for outstanding overall performance, exceptional merchandising, overcoming competition and of course crisis handling. In August, 1984 T & H received the Business of the Year Award, presented by the

Longview Metro Chamber of Commerce.
Jim Schumacher regards his mission as more than Buy Generic Cialis Online just filling prescriptions. He and his employees try to get to know their customers in order to serve them better. What really counts is how you treat the person as a whole, not just another prescription to be filled. This has earned him the trust of many loyal customers up to the 4th generation.
Still in the quest of this end, Jim Schumacher, a pharmacist for 42 years, is saying good-bye to his customers at the end of this month, February, 2011. Louis Morgan #1 will take over and promise to continue the excellent relationship T & H has had with its customers. I had other merger opportunities, but I chose Louis Morgan #1 because the two stores are very similar in their operation. I was elated that I had the opportunity to sell the business assets to Louis Morgan #1. The consolidation of the two stores will make for a better store, allow it to do more things for the customers, thus a better shopping experience.
The greatest asset of T & H Pharmacy has always been its supporting customers and the dedicated employees. The relationship I have enjoyed with so many of you the past 27 years will never be forgotten. The success we have enjoyed so many years would not have happened without the loyal customers.
Schumacher is looking forward to spending more time with his wife Reba, their seven grandchildren, and his ninety year old father. He will also be pursuing other interests he has been wanting to accomplish. The time has come and the time is right.

Left to right: Latasha Ballard, James Schumacher, Natalie Johnson, Carmen Jaramillo, and Nathalia Watson


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