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Jul 30 2012

Park service makes (up) history

By Gary Hardaway During a visit to Yellowstone National Park a few weeks ago, my wife and I viewed an educational film concerning national park history. Yellowstone was the first to be established, signed into existence by President Ulysses Grant in 1872. Today there are 397 park areas reaching from Maine to Hawaii to Alaska. …

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Jan 23 2012

Juan Williams, “Say what?”

By Gary Hardaway During the January 16th Republican debate, Fox News panelist Juan Williams issued this challenge to Newt Gingrich. “You recently said black Americans should demand jobs, not food stamps. You also said poor kids lack a strong work ethic and proposed having them work as janitors in their schools. Can’t you see that …

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Jan 19 2012

Did God win it for Tebow?

By Gary Hardaway After Denver’s spectacular overtime playoff win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, some fans may be wondering if God is actually fixing games for Tim Tebow, Denver’s quarterback, who very publically celebrates his faith in Jesus Christ. However, you’ll never hear Tebow himself claim that. In fact he constantly has to deny and correct …

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Nov 28 2011

Are you smarter than a fourth grader?

By Gary Hardaway Here’s a quiz to test your knowledge of current events. According unscientific but credible studies, most fourth graders can probably pass. Let’s proceed.   In the past two years two political movements have arisen to protest what’s going on in the country – the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street (and other …

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Nov 03 2011

Day 26,000

By Gary Hardaway There is a website I sometimes check called “Dead or Alive,” a sort of Who’s Who that keeps track of the living and the departed. It’s designed to answer the question, “whatever happened to . . . (fill in the blank)? Let’s say you want to know about the stars of the …

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Oct 24 2011

Refuse the politics of envy

By Gary Hardaway As sure as roosters crow at sunrise, every election season brings a similar cock-a-doodle-doo from certain politicians who have nothing to offer voters except class envy. The nation has grave problems; who’s to blame? The Rich. Anybody who makes more money than you or me. (In my case, that’s a very great …

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Jun 29 2011

Atheists say the nastiest things

By Gary Hardaway I’ve just written an e-book with the above title, taking some atheists to task for their really bad manners. Almost all of those cited are intellectuals, most dead – like Darwin, Marx, Freud, and John Dewey – but a few still alive, like Christopher Hitchens, author of the nasty attack on believers: …

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May 31 2011

Dealing with post-“rapture” pain?

By Gary Hardaway So… you’re still here. You expected to be in heaven by now, but something has gone awry. You’re not exactly sure why you and Christ’s other faithful few have not yet ascended. It’s an unexpected mystery. Disturbing. Maybe Harold Camping will explain it all on his next radio broadcast. While you’re pondering …

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