Mar 10 2011

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Trophy time at PT Junior High

Students and sponsors who represented Pine Tree Junior High at the UIL Academic Meet in Hallsville were very excited about the  results of their work because Pine Tree 6th, 7th, and 8th earned the FIRST place award.
“The students were simply amazing,” said Becky Ruddell, JH instructor.
“They were all very focused and disciplined throughout the competition. We are so proud!”
“Loree Tatum and several other staff members gave much of personal time and dedication to this project,” said Clay Lightfoot, JH principal.
“This is just one more example of what makes our students and teachers so very effective at what they do.”
District UIL Results 2011 – Pine Tree JH
7th g Editorial Writing
5th p – Jasmine Vo
6th p – Katelyn White
8th g Editorial Writing
2nd place – Morgan Oland
8th g Ready Writing
5th p – Rebecca Griffith
7th g Art – 3rd place team (Knight, Lumus & Barron)
6th place – Evan Barron
8th g Art – 2nd place team (Rodriquez, Juarez & Alvardo)
6th place – Lizeth Alvardo
7th g Spelling – 1st place team (Reddy, White & Fuentes)
1st place – Arya Reddy
3rd place – Katelyn White
6th place – Arianna Fuentes
8th g Spelling – 3rd place team (Davis, Pennello & Vallery)
4th place – Kimmy Davis
6th place – Sabrina Pennello
7th g Number Sense – 2nd place team (Reddy, McNaney & Zhang)
2nd place – James McNaney
5th place – Jerry Zhang
8th g Number Sense – 1st place team (Han, Shen & Randall)
1st place – Irvin Shen
2nd place – Sam Han
4th place – Avery Randall
7th g Calculator – 1st place team (Jenkins, McNaney & Zhang)
2nd place – Andrea Jenkins
3rd place – James McNaney
5th place (tie) – Jerry Zhang
8th g Calculator – 1st place team (Han, Whyte & Hernandez)
1st place – Sam Han
3rd place – Ashlyn Whyte
4th place – Ezekial Hernandez
7th g Maps, Charts & Graphs – 3rd place team (Lightfoot, Marino & Cerda)
2nd place – Erik Cerda
8th g Maps, Charts & Graphs – 2nd place team (Randall, Knight & Oswald)
2nd p – Kaylah Knight
7th g Dictionary Skills – 1st place team (Kelly, Vo & White)
1st place – Katelyn White
4th place – Megan Kelly
5th place – Jasmine Vo
8th g Dictionary Skills
3rd place – Ezekial Hernandez
7th g Social Studies – 1st place team (Alley, Alexander & Lightfoot)
1st p – Brenan Alley
2nd p – Dillion Lightfoot
5th p – Alyssa Alexander
8th g Social Studies – 1^st place team (Knight, Hopkins & DeLaFuente)
1st p – Enrique DeLa Fuente
2nd p – Hunter Hopkins
3rd p – Kaylah Knight
7th g Prose
5th place – Melissa Bulter
8th g Prose
2nd place – Destiny Carey
6th place – Victoria Reese
7th g Poetry
1st place – Kendra Plunk
4th place – Bailee Russell
8th g Poetry
1st place – Adrian Hernandez
3rd place – Jacob Jones
7th g Mathematics – 2nd place team (Jenkins, Reddy & McNaney)
2nd place – James McNaney
4th place – Arya Reddy
8th g Mathematics – 1st place team (Shen, Han & Oswald)
1st place – Sam Han
2nd place – Irvin Shen
5th place – Cameron Oswald
7th g Listening – 2nd place team (Howard, Fussell & Fuentez)
3rd place – Jacqueline Howard
6th place – Jordan Fussell
8th g Listening – 2nd place team (Jennings, Knight & Hammonds)
3rd place – Taylor Jennings
4th place – Kaylah Knight
7th g Science – 1st place team (Zhang, Jenkins & McNaney)
1st place – Jerry Zhang
2nd place – Andrea Jenkins
8th g Science
3rd place – Irvin Shen
7th g Modern Oratory
6th place – Raven Reese
8th g Modern Oratory
1st place – Adrain Hernandez
2nd place – Hannia Gutierrez
5th place – Breanna Robinson
7th Impromptu Speaking
1st place – Nathaniel Jackson
3rd place – Abi Skeeler
8th Impromptu Speaking
2nd place – Luke Mitchell
4th place –Morgan Oland
Overall points
Pine Tree – 981
Hallsville – 972
Whitehouse – 728
7th grade points
Hallsville – 352
Pine Tree – 347
Whitehouse – 268
8th grade points
Pine Tree – 365
Hallsville – 292
Whitehouse – 212

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