Mar 31 2011

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Tyler ISD students compete around the world and rank in the top 10

Students at Hubbard Middle School are learning that math is not only fun, but is earning them international recognition. V-Math Live, a web-based, independent-learning component, helps students enjoy math and apply math skills in an interactive environment.
The program presents students with engaging opportunities to improve their math skills and is utilized with every child at Hubbard Middle School.
Students are able to access the program from both school and at home to practice individual skills or compete head-to-head with other students from around the world. Schools are ranked weekly based on their performance and Hubbard Middle School has achieved the number one weekly ranking for the United States and a top ten ranking in the world.
Students earn certificates of achievement based on a point system for successfully completing practice questions or competing live.  A student must earn 1000 points in one week to earn a certificate.  During the first week of March, 112 certificates were awarded to Hubbard students.  More than 776 certificates have been achieved since beginning the program in January of this year.
The program was purchased with funds from a Tyler ISD Foundation grant written by Hubbard teachers Rebecca Clements & Cara Smith.

Below is a list of students who have earned at least four certificates:
6th grade
Abby Bennett    4
John Ford         4
Emir Macedonio  4
Rhea Doctor       4
Rhiannon Pytlak   4
7th grade
Noah Reed   4
Jacod Determan  5
Devon Patel  5
Azka Malik   4
8th grade
Trevarius Watson   4
Aminah Brown  4
Randi Petersen  4
Kenya Prince   4
Jordan Givens   8
Brayden  Huddleston  5
Jacob Price   6
David Tizcareno  4
Cherica Leffall   8
Aaliyah Sanders   6
Tamara Williams  4

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