Mar 10 2011

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Wray Wade to run for Councilman District 3

Wray Wade is sure of what he wants to do for District 3. According to Wade, he has a favorable outlook for Longview’s future.
Also, he intends to work with all community members to grow and revitalize the city. Furthermore, he plans to listen to the residents of Longview, and have accountability for manifest and expedient action for their concerns.
Wade said he has a proven track record in developing community youth and intends to do same if elected.
According to Wade, he has built businesses, created job opportunities in the community while remaining devoted to home ownership growth. He plans to visit businesses and churches monthly to listen and work on their concerns.
Wray Wade was raised in Longview’s District 3, on Young Street and the now-Martin Luther King Boulevard.  In 1986 he moved to the Pacific Northwest to attend undergraduate and graduate school at St. Martins University and Oregon State University, respectively.
As soon as he finished graduate school he moved to Japan to study the language and culture.  He spent the next fifteen years working in Japan and New York City as an interpreter. He later returned to Longview where he put his entrepreneurial skills to work serving the residents of East Texas.  He started the Wray Wade Consulting Group and i20 Sports and Entertainment.
Wade said when he learned a local barber school was on the verge of going out purchase without a of business, thus eliminating a prime source of on-the-job training for marketable skills and professionalism; he took action to prevent this loss.  He purchased the school, saved it from bankruptcy and created the Texas Barber Institute.

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