Mar 17 2011

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Zealous for District 3

Kasha Williams recently visited her great grandmother’s church, Growing Valley Baptist Church located at the northern tip of District 3 where Charles E. Faulks is pastor.
Faulks told the audience that the church is so honored to open her doors to Ms. Williams. He reminded the people that the Church has always played an important role in the lives of African Americans and continues to do so. The evening he said will be spent getting to know Ms. Williams and her platform.
Williams fondly remembered walking a few yards with her great-grand mother to attend Growing Valley Church. “Big Mama lived close by,” she said. “But as a little girl, it looked far away.” She discussed her roots and volunteer work she has done and continues to do. All her involvements benefit the community at large.
Vik Verma, a national Community Organizer volunteering for the Williams’ campaign was also present. “She has done a lot in Longview, Verma said. “She has a track record of volunteerism and she will be the right person to represent District 3.”

Williams’ platform includes:
Economic development
Increasing the tax base for District 3
Tackling the needs of small businesses
Conducting town hall meetings proactively
Advocating for all citizens in the district and Longview
Beautifying District 3
Safer streets and neighborhoods

“I want you to feel empowered voting for me, Williams said.” Faulks reminded the audience that “Where there is a vision, the people flourish.”

Pastor Charles E. Faulks, Kasha Williams and Vik Verma volunteer

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