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15 June 2024
Cornyn Speaks With Floyd Family, Calls For Bipartisan Reforms

Cornyn Speaks With Floyd Family, Calls For Bipartisan Reforms

Jun 8, 2020

‘Earlier today I was able to speak to the family of George Floyd and do just that: listen. They have gone through unimaginable pain over these last two weeks, and I told them I’m committed to making sure that George Floyd receives justice.’

‘One proposal… is a bipartisan bill that I introduced with Senator Gary Peters of Michigan and Chairman Lindsey Graham last year.’

‘This legislation creates a National Criminal Justice Commission, much like the 9/11 Commission, that would review our criminal justice system writ large from top to bottom – something that has not happened since 1965.’

‘In 18 months, the Commission would report back to us and make recommendations for changes that could be considered and passed by the Congress. This would allow us to systemically look at what is working and what isn’t, at what needs to be done to modernize our criminal justice system, including repairing the broken relationship between law enforcement and some of our minority communities.’

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