Longview, Texas
20 May 2024
Heartisans: Building Community

Heartisans: Building Community

May 1, 2024

Heartisans Village offers safe, affordable transitional housing for women

By Joycelyne Fadojutimi

MAIN PHOTO: Heartisans cuts ribbon for safe, affordable transitional housing. Photo by Joycelyne Fadojutimi.

According to Zumper.com, the average cost of renting any decent place in Longview is $1,050.

And here comes Heartisans’ Village Transitional Housing, with an average cost of $450 for a nice, safe, and furnished duplex. According to Julee Rachels, founder of Heartisans, this rent includes utilities.

Rachels was filled with joy for the momentous Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting of Heartisans Village, comprising of 10 duplexes on Nikki Court located across the street from their Alumni Resource Center.

District 5 Councilwoman, Michelle Gamboa and Precinct 2 County Commissioner Ray Bostick, Jr. attended the event with Heartisans’ volunteers, friends, and well-wishers. Gamboa and Bostick read the proclamation from the honorable Gregg County Judge, Bill Stoudt. Longview Chamber of Commerce Reach Team Members, Linda Voyles and Linda Whitehead read Mayor Andy Mack’s proclamation and presented the Chamber plaque to Rachels, respectively.

Rachels made clear the purpose of Heartisans’ Village. “This is the answer to women staying in the community,” she said. Women who have completed the Work Readiness Program are encouraged to apply to live in the Village. “Graduates can live here for up to 2 years. This plan gives them the opportunity to work and save money towards buying their own homes.”

Furthermore, Rachels used the opportunity to introduce Heartisans’ new executive director, Eva Henson. Rachels thanked volunteers as well as the crowd who came to support Heartisans.

There are many reasons for Heartisans to rejoice. It is important to note, ninety-five out of 180 women in Heartisans’ program have entered the workforce.

Heartisans is a nonprofit organization helping women transform their lives with self-sufficiency one woman at a time. For more information, please call 903-431-1188.

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