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15 June 2024
Hooray For Heroes

Hooray For Heroes

Jul 1, 2021

Julie Woods & Associates presents the 2nd Annual “Hooray for Heroes” Appreciation Parade in honor of our local law enforcement officers at the Longview Police and Fire Departments.

The “Hooray for Heroes” drive by appreciation parade will take place at Maude Cobb Convention Center in Longview on July 1st at 5:30 p.m. During a time when law enforcement has had to step up their activities during COVID-19 – this is the community’s chance to thank them!

Last year, our inaugural parade hosted between 400-500 cars to show appreciation to our First Responders!

Our Longview Fire Department has tested approximately 685 inmates in the Gregg County Jail and 2389 nursing home residents for COVID-19.  And our local Longview Police Department has continued to serve and protect us as essential employees – additionally serving and protecting protesters and even taking them water bottles. 

The community is invited to join by decorating their vehicles patriotically and driving through the parking lot at City Hall where officers from Longview Police and Fire will be lined up to receive community support and encouragement.  This idea is inspired by the recently popular “Birthday Parades”.

In the event that participants do not have time to decorate their cars themselves, the Longview Public Library Employees are volunteering their time to set up a mobile drive-thru decorating station in the adjoining parking lot and will decorate the cars for them!

In the history of parades, the Police and Fire Departments always provide escorts and safety for participants and spectators. This year, we want to turn the tables by having both departments enjoy a drive through parade put on by the community who appreciates their dedicated service.

Julie Woods says “At a time when our community and our country is in upheaval, we need to remember to thank those GOOD law enforcement officers for doing their GOOD work!  They have been essential employees through this entire COVID-19 crisis and deserve an “atta boy” and “atta girl”!

If you have any questions, please refer to our Facebook page under the event “Hooray for Heroes” or you may contact Julie Woods directly at 903-987-9944.

By Julie Woods

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